f3 – the local food consultants, provide strategic planning and practical advice to local government, private food businesses and community enterprises, to develop sustainable local food systems.

We’re a co-operative CIC comprising leading experts with UK and international experience. We are all ‘veterans’ of the local food movement and directly involved in real projects, ranging from managing farmers’ markets and an artisan bakery to running a micro-brewery and market garden.

Established in 1999, we’ve delivered over 300 successful projects.

f3 the local food consultants - team members

Current projects:

  • a new strategy for Sandwell community agriculture
  • helping Manchester Veg People to target public sector procurement
  • evaluation of Store is the Core village shops support programme and State of the Sector analysis - see report
  • assisting growers for nursery trade in Wales to explore collaboration options
  • under Sustainable Supply Chains, developing a self assessment sustainability too , and working with 3 social enterprises to expand their marketplace
  • making a film about the development and future of the local food sector
  • developing and piloting a ‘Food Plan Toolkit’ in three locations
  • evaluation of the Local Food Fund programme – see interim report
  • evaluation of the South Wales ‘Community Foodie’ programme 
  • research into peri-urban food as part of the EU’ SupurbFood’ project

See the trailer of our new film ‘Local Food Roots’

Recent publications:

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